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As of 15:00 on January 29, the National Health Commission has received a total of 6031 confirmed cases reported by 30 provinces. During this period of outbreak, it affects the hearts of the people of the whole country. The people of the whole country are doing their best to support the epidemic, or staying at home does not cause chaos to the country.
Seeing this, Xiaobian wants to take you back to the poem "send the God of plague", which was written by Chairman Mao. The creation background of this poem is similar to the current epidemic situation in Wuhan. After reading this poem, I believe that all of you can be confident and win the anti epidemic struggle together!

Seven laws and two poems: sending the God of plague
Author: Mao Zedong
(1 July 1958)

Reading the people's daily on June 30, Yujiang County eliminated schistosomiasis. I can't sleep at night. The breeze blows, and the sun comes to the window. Looking at the South sky, Xinran's life is written.

Green water and green mountains are in vain,
Hua Tuo can't help a bug!
Thousands of village Xue Li people's last words,
Thousands of households sing.
It's 80 thousand miles a day,
A thousand rivers in the sky.
Niulang wants to ask about the plague,
The same joys and sorrows follow the waves.


There are thousands of willows in spring,
Six hundred million divine states are all Shun and Yao.
The red rain makes waves as it pleases,
Castle Peak is a bridge.
The sky is even covered with silver hoes,
The earth moves and the iron arm shakes.
Ask the plague king where he wants to go,
Paper boats burn in the light of candles.

These two poems were written in Hangzhou on July 1, 1958 and first published in people's daily on October 3, 1958. Schistosomiasis in old China (commonly known as "big belly disease") was widespread in southern provinces. The disease is caused by a parasite called Schistosoma japonicum. The patient is emaciated and has severe abdominal water, which often causes disability and death.

Mao Zedong's handwriting of sending the God of plague

In the epidemic areas, the fields are often desolate, the population is sparse and desolate, and the local people are also suffering. Fortunately, after the founding of the people's Republic of China, the government of our republic attaches great importance to this and has sent medical teams to investigate the epidemic situation and treat diseases voluntarily for many times. In 1956, the CPC Central Committee established a special leading group for the prevention and control of schistosomiasis.
Soon, a breakthrough has been made in this work. On June 30, 1958, the people's Daily published a communication on the fundamental elimination of schistosomiasis in Yujiang County.
When Mao Zedong inspected Hangzhou and saw the news in the newspaper, he was deeply stabbed by a small schistosome and killed by a tyrant, which greatly inspired Chairman Mao's great feeling!
He was so excited that he couldn't sleep all night. He wrote these two poems with emotion and enthusiasm, which were inspiring, fearless of the epidemic and touching! Now, we can still feel the love for the people.
At the time of the outbreak of schistosomiasis, our country was in the era of backward medical treatment and lack of materials. But even in such an environment, we can also eliminate the bloodsucking insect that has been harming for thousands of years!

Novel coronavirus, the new Wuhan coronavirus, is also highly valued by the central authorities. We also believe that the masses will take part in China's epidemic prevention.
Therefore, in the face of the epidemic, we should not be afraid, as long as we listen to the party's command, cooperate with the government's work, wash hands frequently, do not get together, wear masks and do not panic! Do a good job in personal protection, I believe we can win the final victory of epidemic prevention!