Model: Non-cured rubber asphalt
Product Origin: Zhejiang Yongkang
Product size:  accept customer customization
Product features: asphalt, repair various cracks
Scope of application: suitable for roof, exterior wall seepage, crack, basement, window

  • Features
  • Scope
  • Technology
  • Performance
  • Notes
1. Anti-cracking, not afraid of building settlement
Due to the settlement and expansion of the house, the roof is cracked, so the waterproof construction must use high-elastic waterproof coating.
Forced polyurethane high toughness, not afraid of sinking pressure

2, as tire-resistant, anti-aging
Forced polyurethane uses polymer nano-adhesive technology, which has a much higher performance than traditional asphalt. Most of the automobile tires on the market are made of the same kind of materials, which can rub with the road for a long time. Their abrasion resistance and durability can be imagined!

3, factory direct sales, adequate supply

4, film formation is strong, not afraid of wind and rain
The exterior wall is often hit by heavy rain, and ordinary waterproof coatings are difficult to guarantee.
Strong film formation, integrated with the base surface, not afraid of wind and rain
1. Clean the base surface and remove the loose particles from the base surface with a brush.
2. Use a scraper and apply it on the floor where construction is required.
3. For small cracks, it can be used with polyester cloth to make the cracks more flat.
4. After laying the polyester cloth, apply the waterproof anti-corrosion glue again.
5. Use a squeegee or brush-type polyester cloth to make the surface smoother.
6, after waiting for dry, can be used normally, waterproof and anti-corrosion.
. Please wear gloves before use, please do not touch this product directly.
. Please keep it out of reach of children and pets, and avoid prolonged contact between skin and liquid. Please wear gloves. If it is in direct contact for too long, please wash it with plenty of water.
. Do not use with other products, do not carry out construction on rainy days.
. Harmful if swallowed, do not place in a place where children and pets can be protected from contact.