Model: JS polymer waterproof coating
Product Origin: Zhejiang Yongkang
Product size: mass public
Product features: Asphalt, suitable for all kinds of waterproof engineering
Scope of application: Suitable for roof, interior and exterior walls, water pipe links, wall cracks, window edges, etc.
  • Features
  • Scope
  • Technology
  • Performance
  • Notes
1. Anti-cracking, not afraid of building settlement
Due to the settlement and expansion of the house, the roof is cracked, so the waterproof construction should be coated with high flexibility.

2, high efficiency waterproof and impermeability pressure
Especially suitable for kitchen, bathroom, balcony, pool, etc.

3, factory direct sales, adequate supply

4, film formation is strong, not afraid of wind and rain
The exterior wall is often hit by heavy rain, and the ordinary waterproof coating is very effective in verifying the effect.
1. Clean the base surface without dust, and sweep a small amount of water to moisten.
2, open the lid to remove the material (two saw powder two packs of liquid), 1:1 mixed construction.
3. Prepare two packs first, then mix them evenly and then prepare two packs. (Note: Be careful to avoid splashing on the body)
4. Brush the wall first for the first time, and then brush it for the second time. (Note: The adjusted paint should be used up as soon as possible to avoid precipitation)
Please wear gloves before use, please do not touch this product directly.
Keep out of reach of children and pets, and avoid prolonged contact between skin and liquids. Wear gloves or direct contact for too long. Rinse with plenty of water.
Do not use with other products, do not carry out construction when it rains.
The food is harmful and should not be placed in a place where children and pets can come into contact.