Model: Aluminum surface waterproof trap
Product Origin: Zhejiang Yongkang
Product size: accept customer customization
Features: pure aluminum foil, repair various cracks
Scope of application: metal repair, pipe seal, pipe sawing, kitchen trapping

This product uses aluminum foil as the base material and release paper as the substrate. Aluminum foil tape widely uses the sealing link of kitchen and sanitary pipe, and can also be used for the patching of plastics, ceramic basins and other cracks. High temperature resistance, refrigeration, reflection, packaging and other functions. Widely used in industry.
  • Features
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  • Notes
1, metallic luster
With metallic luster, bright printing color and high reflection ability to light

2, good insulation performance
Good insulation performance, strong protection performance, non-breathable body and water vapor, effectively prevent internal moisture absorption and gasification

3, good sealing performance
Good sealing performance, not easily invaded by bacteria and insects, good protection of household equipment

4, waterproof, temperature resistant, aging resistant
Made of pure aluminum foil, it has excellent rust and corrosion resistance and is resistant to water and high temperature.

5, a variety of widths can be
Various sizes are available, and the quantity is large