Model: Polypropylene (polyester)
Product Origin: Zhejiang Yongkang
Product size: accept customer customization
Product features: polyethylene, efficient waterproof
Scope of application: Suitable for various roofing, basement, tunnel, and other building waterproofing projects

Polyvinyl propylene (polyester) multi-layer polymer composite waterproofing membrane is mainly made of non-woven fabric and polyethylene as the main raw material, and has an enhanced protective layer, anti-aging layer, waterproof layer and thickening layer. A composite waterproof material with a layer of four layers of sheet material.
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Construction points
And clean the base layer (leveling layer) to prepare the adhesive (with the preparation) → handle complex parts (yin and yang angle, cornice, water outlet, pipe hole, etc.) additional layer → construction waterproof layer → waterproof layer inspection → protective layer construction acceptance.

Second, the seam practice
(1) The base layer (leveling layer) of the waterproofing membrane must be cleaned and the wine is kept moist. (Note: the roof waterproofing leveling should comply with the GB502072002 Roofing Engineering Quality Acceptance Specification), and the underground waterproof leveling layer should comply with the GB50208202 Underground Waterproof Engineering Quality Acceptance Specification.
(2) Preparation of cementitious slurry 4 adhesive with polyvinyl alcohol glue containing 5% to 15% by weight of cement, stirring must be uniform, no precipitation, no clot. It can be used without segregation.
(3) Before the construction of the main waterproof layer of the roof, the sealing and treatment of the detailed nodes with concentrated drainage and complicated structure should be sealed.
(4) The sealing material is made of polystyrene ester, such as other dense main materials, and should not contain mineral oil, petroleum jelly and other chemicals that affect the performance of polyethylene.
(5) Additional layers shall be added at the corners; the yin and yang angles shall be made into a circular arc of R=20mm.
(6), waterproofing membrane paving should be used in the full paving method, the adhesive coating should be uniform on the base layer, no bottom, no accumulation; after the adhesive is applied, the coil should be laid immediately. Preventing too long a time affects the quality of the bond.
(7), the waterproofing membrane should not be folded, and the coil should not be stretched. The air and excess adhesive under the coil are removed by the edge to ensure the bonding between the coil and the base layer and the layers of the coil.
(8) The lap width of the paving waterproofing membrane shall not be less than 100mm.
(9) The upper and lower layers and the adjacent two web joints shall be staggered by a third of the width.